As the end of the academic year draws closer, many teachers and librarians will now start thinking of what material they need for next year. What did students really engage with? What should be dropped, and what should stick around? Fortunately, rollover gives you the chance to plan for the year ahead, so, whether you are looking for a brand-new array of material, or you’d just like to continue to use copies you’ve already made, you can start the new academic year with peace of mind.

What is rollover?

On the Education Platform, rollover refers to the transition from one academic year to another. The Platform, in line with the terms of your CLA Education Licence, allows you to create or upload digital copies of up to 5% of a book or magazine per class per year. So, when your school or college moves from one academic year to another, your copying limit resets back to 5%, and you are free to choose which extracts you’d like use for the coming year.

What happens during rollover?

  • Classes that are set up for schools and colleges carry over to the new year, with student numbers reset to zero.
  • Copies will expire and users are given a way to reinstate them if they wish. This can either be done in bulk, or manually. To make things as easy as possible, reinstated copies with the same page range keep the same link as last year, so if all the copies are the same for your classes, you don’t need to worry about updating all your links.
  • Copy limits are reset, so users can start the new year with a fresh 5% limit for all their books and classes.

All this gives our users a fresh slate for the new academic year while remaining licence compliant.

When is rollover?

Rollover coincides with the end of the year for your CLA Education Licence. So, this year rollover will take place from the 11th July – 1st August. The schedule for rollover is:

  • 11th of July: Scottish schools
  • 25th of July: Scottish further education institutions
  • 1st of August: All remaining institutions

You will receive a reminder email one week before rollover, as well as a second reminder email one day before. We will also send an email fourteen days after rollover to confirm that your institution is now in the new academic year on the Platform.

If you would like to request that your institution moves to the next academic year at a specific time, or, if you have any other questions about rollover on the Education Platform, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at and we’ll be happy to help.