You can do most things online these days, and the same is definitely true for teaching. Following the various lockdowns and spells of remote teaching since 2020, access to digital resources has become more important than ever.

As you may already know, the Copyright Licensing Agency’s Education Platform allows teaching staff to make the most of their school or college’s Education Licence and is an extra way for them to access and share content. Since its inception, we’ve added over 38,000 books and magazines and have been working hard to make sure that it provides maximum support and flexibility for teaching staff to plan, prepare and share lesson materials from anywhere with access to the internet.

The Education Platform supports teaching staff by giving you:

  • Access to over 38,000 high-quality digital versions of popular books and magazines.
  • The ability to prepare lesson materials remotely
  • The ability to share content directly with students via a link which can be sent by email or uploaded to a VLE
  • Peace of mind that your teaching resources are copyright-compliant, and that authors and content creators are receiving fair payment for use of their work

To make using the Education Platform even easier for schools and colleges, we’ve teamed up with Wonde to make it possible for you to synchronise the Platform with your school Management Information System (MIS). Wonde is a cloud-based solution that allows thousands of schools across the country to integrate learning applications and classroom, like the Education Platform, with their MIS in a simple and secure way. This supports learning while making sure data is as accurate and accessible as possible.

How does this integration help me?

If you already have a Wonde account, it’s as easy as clicking the Education Platform tile on Wonde dashboard to sync staff and setup classes with data automatically added and updated from your MIS.

By making the most of the Wonde integration, you’ll have the following benefits:

  • Save time setting up Education Platform users and classes
  • User data that is automatically updated via your school MIS
  • Ability to login via Wonde, meaning there are no extra logins to remember

How do I get started?

School Wonde administrators can quickly and easily connect to the Education Platform via their Wonde dashboard by clicking the Copyright Licensing Agency – Education Platform tile. Once this is done, automated emails will be sent to all teachers at the institution, inviting them to set up their passwords and complete their user registration. Once registration is confirmed, teachers and staff can start using the Education Platform straight away by following the onscreen prompts to help them make their first copy. You can find out more here.

Who has access to my data?

Under GDPR, Wonde makes sure that schools are in control and have visibility of who has access to their data. As part of the Education Platform and Wonde integration, we do not need or have access to student data.

Remember that CLA’s Education Platform comes at no extra cost to the CLA Education Licence which is already paid for by the Department for Education or your relevant regional education body. With the Wonde integration, accessing teaching resources is even easier than before!

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