The last few days of school before the Christmas holidays can be tricky. Students are shuffling in their seats, watching the clock, their minds focused on what presents they’re getting this year rather than on their learning.

To maintain your students’ attention, why not try some of these fun and festive activities in your last classes before the break:

  • Using several extracts from classic Christmas stories, ask students to identify the language used to create a festive atmosphere. Challenge them to write their own festive short stories using what they’ve learnt.
  • Show students pictures of how Christmas is celebrated around the globe and discuss similarities and differences between the scenes. As an extension you could discuss how these cultural differences might have come about.
  • Present the class with several Christmas adverts taken from magazines and debate which is their favourite. When a clear winner is decided, instruct students to analyse the ways in which they have been persuaded: language, humour, imagery, emotion etc.
  • Give the students Christmas Greetings in different languages and have them try to work out where in the world each greeting is from. Take this further and try to learn a Carol from another country!
  • Ask students to sort images and descriptions of how Christmas has been celebrated throughout history into chronological order. Once complete, discuss which traditions have changed or remained unaltered over time.

Have you got any classic festive activities you like to use in the classroom?

Why now have a browse of the Education Platform for digital versions of classic Christmas resources?