Intoart is an art and design studio based in Peckham, South London with a growing collective of young people and adults with learning disabilities that are developing their own practice as artists and designers.

Our vision is for people with learning disabilities to be visible, equal and established artists. The organisation is committed to addressing inequalities of access to and participation in the visual arts, education and culture for and by people with learning, sensory, physical disabilities and autism. 

Where the traditional route of art and design Higher Education courses at an Art College or University isn’t an accessible option or pathway, Intoart is an ‘alternative art school’ for those with learning disabilities. We even run an Art Foundation year akin to the much loved BTEC Art Foundation rooted in the teaching and learning of the Bauhaus. The difference being we offer a much longer progression route, it’s person centred and inclusively led.

Established in 2000 by co-founders Ella Ritchie and Sam Jones, the studio works hard to achieve equal recognition. The Intoart studio, now in its 21st year, is a site of production for ambitious bodies of works by artists working across a diverse range of visual art mediums, working inclusively to collaborations and commissions with industry professionals, commercial brands and public commission.

Intoart has grown incrementally and with integrity from project funding as a 10-week project in South London in 2000, 21 years on, to its present day ambitious full time programme of inclusive learning, studio practice and public programmes that have local national and international audiences. In 2018 we moved to larger three-fold fully resourced space and onsite creative production facilities at Peckham Levels, increasing access, participation, ambitious production and diversifying our arts offer with the studio in action covering daily studio activity of painting, drawing, ceramics, textiles, design, illustration printmaking and much more.

The donation from CLA is such a timely and vital support for Intoart. We support and champion artwork by people with learning disabilities who are developing a practise as artists working in the Intoart studio through our fully resourced programme. The pandemic has, and continues to, disproportionately impact the lives of people with learning disabilities. We are proud that as an organisation we worked throughout the pandemic through our remote learning programme and now back in the studio with the members of the Intoart collective and their support networks. The increased costs of working within Covid safe conditions and the pressure on funding resources means this donation will be put directly to good use and have a huge impact on individuals.

If people want to find out more they can contact us directly we welcome enquiries to find out more and pick up from there.

Instagram @intoart_uk