Newspapers are an invaluable source of inspiration for students – a significant number of teachers use newspaper content on a regular basis. On behalf of publishers around the UK, NLA media access (NLA) offers an online newspapers library designed to encourage the use of newspaper material in schools.

The Newspapers for Schools Library allows teachers and students to find newspaper articles as a PDF cutting or full page exactly as it was printed through a powerful search engine. The service offers the most efficient way of getting newspapers into the classroom whilst fully respecting copyright. The library contains over 35 million newspaper articles from over 150 UK national and regional newspaper titles, from 2006 to present day.

The Newspapers for Schools Library was launched in 2010. Following feedback from users, NLA decided to update the library in 2020. Improvements to the service security were made and a new registration process was implemented. The search function was also improved with the addition of filters and the highlighting of search terms in the full text of each article. The design was reviewed and enhanced to make the library more user friendly. And according to users, the new library “does look more user-friendly and modern” and the search is “much easier to use than before”. Since the new site launched, over 600 schools have registered, resulting in more than 7,000 searches and more than 5,000 articles viewed.

The Newspapers for Schools Library is free for any UK primary or secondary school offering full-time education where the normal admission age is 16 years or younger, that is currently covered by an NLA copyright licence. Online registration is available through the Newspapers for Schools page on the NLA media access website: Newspapers for Schools