It’s that time of year again… After a (hopefully) relaxing summer break, it’s time to head back to the classroom and get ready for the new academic year. The first few weeks of the new term can be both exciting and challenging, so in this blog we want to share some tips for using the Education Platform to get ready for September!

1. Review our new books

Over the summer we added thousands of new books to the Education Platform, meaning that there are now nearly 25,000 books available for teachers and other staff to unlock and make copies from. This new content includes the UK’s most popular educational textbooks from CGP, welsh language content from Atebol, Illuminate and Gwasg Carreg Gwlach, classic fiction books from Penguin and business books from Kogan Page. You can find a full list of all available titles here, where the newest titles are displayed first.

Haven’t got what you’re looking for? Get in touch and we can look at getting it added to the Platform.

2. Unlock your books

In order to make copies from books your school or college owns, first you’ll need to make sure they’re unlocked. This can be done by scanning the book’s barcode and if the book is on the Platform it will become available for you to use and make copies from.

You can also get in touch if you have issues unlocking a book or if you would like us to help with remote or bulk unlocking.

3. Add classes

To make copies on the Education Platform you need to have created your classes, so by setting them all up before term starts you can quickly make copies as and when you need to!

You can find out more about how to set up classes and manage your classes in our knowledge base.

4. Prepare your copies

Why not get ahead of the game by preparing course packs and making copies for the first few weeks of classes? With the Education Platform you can even do this from the comfort of your own home! No going into school or college in the last weeks of August and standing at the photocopier, you can make digital copies and store them on a VLE ready for the new academic year.

5. Get your colleagues set up

If you’re an institution admin you can make sure that your existing and any new colleagues are set up on the Education Platform ahead of September so that they can become familiar with it and get their copies ready. As an admin you can help your colleagues sign up or you can quickly set up users in bulk.

6. Get familiar with the Platform

If you’re completely new to the Education Platform or want a bit of a refresher you can book a place at our FREE September webinar where we will be covering the basics of the Platform and showing off all our new content. You can always refer to our knowledge base too for any FAQs.

7. Tell all your friends about it!

If you used the Platform last year or you like what you’ve seen so far, please tell all your colleagues and teaching friends about it so that they can make the most of it and get ready for September too!