The CLA’s Education Platform has been available for UK schools and colleges to use since September 2019, and so far more than 5,500 schools have signed up. The Education Platform lets schools and colleges in the UK unlock digital versions of books they own, and they can then create high quality digital copies from the books, all in line with the terms of the CLA Education Licence. The Education Platform makes it easier to share high quality content with students on VLEs, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams or by sharing links direct with a student’s device via email. Access is available for free to all schools and colleges covered by the CLA Education Licence, and we are now adding a new feature to help you manage any copies you create from one academic year to the next.

If you are familiar with the Education Platform you will have discovered that it lets you create digital copies of up to 5% of books for your class, all in line with the terms of your CLA Education Licence. So, where you once might have taken a well-thumbed textbook to the photocopier and printed off 30 copies of a double page spread to circulate in a classroom setting, you can now do that same task from anywhere. This means you can log into the Platform whether you are at home or at work, review the book contents and make a copy of the pages you need instead and upload a link to your school’s VLE so students can access them. You can even share the link to the copy directly to Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams. We hope you will have found this especially useful this past year.

The Education Platform is in many ways an online version of the CLA Education Licence, which means that it covers your school or college for copying over the academic year. At the end of each year, something we refer to as Rollover happens, which means that all schools and colleges on the Platform are ‘rolled over’ into a renewed period of cover for the new academic year. This year this will happen between 22 and 29 July, as the Licence year ends on 31 July.

So, what happens on the Education Platform during rollover? To help our users remain licence compliant and give them a fresh start to the new academic year, the classes that are set up for each school or college will be carried over to the new year, with student numbers reset to zero; copies will expire and users will be given a new way to reinstate them should they wish to re-use any of last year’s copies during the new year; and copy limits will be reset, so users can start the new year fresh with a new 5% limit for all of their books and classes.

After rollover, Education Platform you will have access to a new space on the Platform where you can view all of your copies created before rollover, and you will have the option to reinstate some or all of these copies using a quick and easy bulk reinstate functionality. You can also choose a more manual approach, by reviewing your copies one by one and either keep everything the same as last year, or make some changes, for example to the page range or selected class. To keep things as smooth as possible for school and college staff, and students, last year’s share links will be retained if you choose to reinstate a copy and keep last year’s page range. We hope this will give you a positive start to the new year when you return to work after the summer break.

I hope you have found this to be a useful and informative read, and that you are excited to carry on using the Education Platform. And if you haven’t yet signed up, you can do so here.

For a practical guide to rollover, Education Platform users are recommended to read our Knowledgebase article on the topic.