A surefire way to motivate students is to find a way to connect with them and bring things they’re interested in outside of the classroom into it. This year for May the Fourth we’re looking at how the pop culture juggernaut that is the Star Wars saga can be used to engage students in their learning.

Introducing Star Wars into the classroom might be easier than you think:

Literary References

The Star Wars saga can be used to teach the “Epic Hero Cycle”. You could discuss whether Luke Skywalker is an epic hero and chart out his epic hero cycle or you could compare his story to The Odyssey.

War and Propaganda

The use of propaganda and propaganda artwork is everywhere in Star Wars and closely mimics images used in WWII. Teach students about propaganda through the Star Wars saga and connect it to key events in WWII – a fun activity could be to ask students to design their own propaganda posters!

Science and Space

Perhaps the most obvious way to bring Star Wars into the classroom is to link it with science and space, seeing as the saga takes place in a galaxy far, far away.

You can use the films as a jumping off point explore planetary systems, robotics and even quantum physics!

Creative Media

Have your students look at one of the most famous opening sequences in cinema and create their own crawls! Have them introduce and summarise a story and share with the class – there’s even a handy Star Wars intro creator they can use!

How would you use Star Wars in the classroom?