A quick refresher – the CLA Education Licence allows schools to copy and reuse 5% or one chapter from print or digital publications they own for teaching purposes. CLA’s Education Platform is an online service included with the Education Licence that gives teaching staff the ability to access digital versions of books their school owns to make copies and share with students.

But, how do these work together in practice? In this blog we look at the top frequently asked questions we receive around how the CLA Education Licence terms relate to using the Education Platform for teaching and learning:

1. Is the copying allowance per person or per school?

The regular 5% copying allowance is per class.

2. Can different classes copy different parts of the same book?

This is possible. The Education Platform allows you to copy 5% of a book per class, per academic year. If you need a different extract from the same book for another year group in your subject, or another teacher needs another extract for a completely different subject, then that’s fine, you can make the copy.

For example, if you make a copy of a book chapter and give it to year 4, you can make a copy of a different chapter from the same book to give it to year 5.

Alternatively, a Geography teacher could make a copy from a book and a Biology teacher could copy another chapter from the same book. 

3. If two teachers teach the same class can they copy a different 5%?

If they share the responsibility of teaching the same class with the same group of students, this would be against the licence as the limits are applied to the class and not the teacher.

4. If a VLE is year group specific rather than class specific, would putting up a link to an extract break the terms of use?

It would be against the terms of the Licence to create something resembling a library of content in your VLE. If your year group consists of several classes then you’re right, it would not be appropriate to add share links intended only for specific class(es) to the year group space in the VLE. If you consider the year group one large class then you may paste the links here, just remember that this would mean your copy allowance would be 5% per book per academic year for the entire year group.

5. Can copies be made for staff member, even if the person making copies is not a teacher and allocated to a class (e.g. admin/IT staff)?

Copying for non-teaching purposes is covered by the licence, as long as the recipients of the copies are registered staff at your school and copying remains secure, as it would for your students. This means kept to a secure VLE or intranet, or emailed directly to known members of staff.

6. If the school owns multiple copies of the same book, do the copying limits apply to each copy so that different pages could be copied? e.g. If the school owns 20 copies of a book, could the whole book be copied?

The number of copies does not make any different to the copying limit and the limit is 5% per class no matter how many copies a school owns.

7. How do the limits get reset annually?

At the end of the academic year (31st of July) all copies made will go into an “expired” state and will no longer be able to be shared. While you will have a history of what you have copied in the past, you won’t be able to use the same links again.

We hope these FAQs provide some clarity on how the copying limits apply to using the Education Platform. If you need any further information, you can visit the Education Platform FAQs or find out more about your Licence to Copy under the CLA Education Licence.

Remember that all state-funded schools and most independent schools in the UK hold the CLA Licence! If you have any questions about the terms of the Licence, please contact our Education team on support@claedqueries.zendesk.com