Since CLA launched the beta version of its Education Platform in September 2019 we have added over 6,000 books to it from our partner publishers. In the last week another five publishers have started sending us their books, which means that we now have 6,465 titles available for you to use.

Before detailing what’s new, though, it’s worth spelling out who the platform is for, and how it can benefit you.

The Education Platform is an alternative way of enabling teachers (and others) in UK schools to make copies from books owned by your school, and then print or share them with your students or colleagues, completely within the terms of the CLA’s Education Licence.

Now, you may not be aware that your school has such a licence, but it permits you to copy up to 5% or a whole chapter from a book to share with a class. All state schools and most independents have a licence, which are typically negotiated centrally by CLA with, for instance, the Department for Education in England, or with an organisation like IAPS.

In the past, this meant that you could photocopy or scan content, and CLA would select about 500 schools each year from which to sample such copying activity so we can report on what is copied in schools and the licence revenues passed back to the publishers and authors.

That is all still possible, but the new Education Platform offers another way of making your books available to you, and gives you a straightforward method of copying which you can be sure will always be within the terms of the licence.

When we launched the Education Platform we were delighted to have books from most of the major schools publishers (eg Cambridge University Press, CGP, Collins, Hodder, Oxford University Press, Pearson, and Taylor & Francis), and some more specialist ones too (Elmwood and Maths No Problem!). We’ve steadily been adding more, such as some initial titles from Bloomsbury, Faber and Hachette, and the art and crafts publisher Search Press. In addition we have the computer science and design and technology books from PG Online, some valuable books to support teachers from Critical Publishing, and the first tranche of books from Welsh language publisher Y Lolfa.

Our new titles that we are pleased to have just added include over a hundred wonderful picture books from Little Tiger Press, many from Mark Allen focussing on early years, and a group from Illuminate Publishing most of which are for WJEC/Eduqas examinations, and some AQA Psychology titles. We have also added our first book from Graffeg giving insight into the world of a child with autism, as well as other Welsh language books, such as from Atebol. We receive a regular stream of additional titles from existing publishers on the platform, and the latest data load included extras from Pearson, Taylor & Francis and PG Online.

We are delighted to be able to welcome these new publishers to the Education Platform, and to continue to be able to offer such a useful range of titles to schools from all publishers. We are constantly in touch with new publishers to add them to the platform, and if there are any books that you would like us to see if we can add, let us know.