CLA has just conducted a survey of 400 teachers to assess how well we are supporting you, our licensees. Huge thanks to every teacher who took the time to let us know their thoughts, the exercise was enormously helpful. Some really interesting points were raised, and looking over the results we wanted to draw your attention to the following:

1. Are you licensed?

Many respondents said that a page on all the licences their school holds would be helpful. In the case of state schools in England, no problem! The DfE has a dedicated copyright licence page, where all the licences the Department has purchased on behalf of schools is listed.

For other UK regions, while all state schools will have the CLA Education Licence (see our page here), there aren’t comparable pages covering all the licences they might have. But if you’re a Welsh, Scottish or Northern Irish teacher, please get in touch, tell us what you need, and we’ll work with your education department to get the support you need.

2. Talk about copyright

It was so interesting to see the respondents who said they knew about copyright from a previous career like law, printing or publishing, or the teachers who said publishing their own books had brought them up close and personal with copyright. Please evangelise! Talk about these experiences and your life in the creative industries, and celebrate the work that copyright protects. Talk about what copyright means to you, good or bad, and get a conversation going. Copyright isn’t a dirty word!

3. Plaster the posters!

Several respondents noted that a poster was how they’d heard of CLA, or that a one pager on what you can do with the licence is valuable. Look no further than our Notice for Display, which gives you the key headlines. If you would like a set of A4 or A3 posters sent to your school ready for the new academic year, just get in touch with your details and it will be our pleasure to send these out. The same is true of our Licence to Copy leaflet or Poster for Students.

4. Book smart

Some survey respondents said that copyright notices in books would be helpful. Check a couple of pages into most school books, and there on the right-hand side you will see the copyright notice. This will often refer to CLA and that you can copy under our licence. As part of our Licence to Copy campaign, some publishers are committing to including a more visual book badge on books covered by the licence, and many have included explicit reference to the CLA Education Licence on their sites, so please be on the look out for us!

5. Know what you can (and can’t) do

Overall the survey showed that respondents’ understanding of the key licence terms was strong, and namely that you can copy 5% from a book your school owns, and share that copy within the school. Two aspects of the licence were less well understood: that you can scan extracts as well as photocopy them, and that workbooks are excluded from the licence. For more detailed FAQs on these licence terms see our Licence to Copy page.