I’ve been thinking a lot about teachers and how they’re coping with these strange, surreal times. It’s been nearly six years since I left the classroom, but I still wonder how I might be coping faced with the current pressures, and how well I could adapt to teaching online. Suffice to say my former hankerings for the odd snow day have been put firmly into perspective.

I hope that whatever your school set up and circumstance you’ve been able to start creating a sense of normality for you and your students. While nothing can replace being in a classroom with an expert and enthused teacher, here’s some tools to support extended project work that can better suit remote learning.

CLA has created a mini-scheme of work for 8-14 year olds based on copyright. Don’t worry, it’s not as dry as it sounds! Drawing on history, business, art and graphics as well as literacy, students are posed with ideas and tasks to get their higher order thinking hats on. This mini-scheme can be adapted for use at home, or indeed for parents to help their children work through. We’ve provided a marksheme so that you or peers can award a mark, and we’d be delighted to host some finished pieces on our site to help promote your student’s hard work.

For older students, we’ve developed our Copyright Essay Competition. Obviously grades are one thing, but course and job applications are made up of much more, and we’re offering 16-19 students the chance to shine as they discuss, question and persuade in this extended piece of writing. The top three essays will also win cash prizes – a nice treat for when the coronavirus precautions are lifted. The competition is particularly suitable for students studying English, Media Studies, Law, and also subjects that rely on copyright including Photography, Design and Music, but ultimately it’s open to any 16-19 student. Find out more with our Competition Video.

In terms of providing resources and giving students access to materials, we have two important tools:

  • NLA’s Newspapers for Schools Library gives teachers access to news articles from UK national and regional newspapers. Once you’ve found a selection of articles on a chosen topic, these can be shared with students digitally to form the basis of a comprehension activity. We’ve also put together a series of activities to pair with newspapers, and many of these can be adapted to remote learning.
  • CLA’s Education Platform gives you the ability to copy extracts from books your school owns and to share these copies with students remotely – via the VLE or email. It’s free for licensed schools to set up an account, and you’ll then be able to set about making copies in just a couple of clicks. Students can therefore work through high-quality materials created by publishers, freeing you up from resource planning.

If you have any questions about what you can or can’t do under your CLA licence, tips about remote learning that you’d like to share with the blog community, or CLA-project work that we can promote on our site, just contact support@claedqueries.zendesk.com.

Wishing you all a very safe and happy Easter and all the best for the summer term. It’s not going to be easy, but your students will find it easier thanks to you and your hard work. Whatever we can do to help, let us know.